Saturday, March 21, 2009

On Slack and Portfolios

In the midsts of math port, TOK, and general rushing of EE World Lit and all that is sacred and holy (in the context of IB, of course), I offer a nice little piece of blasphemy;

"Dude. Relax."

Odd? I think all of us have had this thought. Perhaps it was the influence of this article

but well, me is beginning to think some of us have lost track of life.

Oh scratch that. Me is beginning it sense that most of us think that we have lost track of life. Its following the herd sort of thing, only that I try to pay attention to where we're going.

I spent the holidays doing the following: Helping my parents move (new house!). Going out for lunch with an old friend, who was visiting Singapore after migrating overseas. Spending a few hours in the library, reading up on the SG Education system (It was for TOK, but I enjoyed it. Yes, I'm weird that way.) All these were good, normal and above all human things that I should have been enjoying and feeling proud of.

Yet why is it all I felt was guilt for spending the 1-2 hours eating lunch with my friends when I (think I) should have been doing my IAs instead?

Why is it the first question any of my friends ask is "Have you done Math Port yet?"

It shows a very strange mix of priorities that many of us, I myself included, have been guilty of. We're putting work before family, efficiency over emotion, destination over the journey.

But is there anything wrong to it?

We wish to succeed after all. 45 points is a noble aim, and as a student, it is our responsibility to finish our work to the best of our ability.

I am aware that to an extent, I am justifying my own slouchiness but to heck with that. I'd rather say I had a real Holiday and not to feel guilty about it, than spend the rest of Term 2 moaning over the three days spent sleeping and talking to mates on MSN.

Siddhartha...Siddartha. Thank Hesse for your comforting advice on enjoying life. Now I can be a wastard and hippie in peace.

Perhaps someday, I may succeed in changing my mindset to view work as a joyous and stimulating activity. Till then...I'll stick with my sugar and caffine.

Now, off to do TOK.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Annoyingly Apathetic Arguments Again

Been meaning to post reflections, or thoughts, or some snappy/witty article about shoes, life and babies.

But somehow, apathy has taken over me. Apathy at well, everything.

Perhaps its because of Physics and English tests, bad marks = disencouragement = quitter?

I don't like it, but its somehow so nice to just live in your head.



At least while in my head I have the option of waking up.