Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream Diary 1: Inflitration

The four of us waited in the shadows as the vehicle came rumbling past. A massive brown mobile fortress, the only access to the inside was via the top hatches. Our goal was to disable the guards so that the retrieval teams could get in. Atop it the guards patroled the area, white-cloaked people with KKK styled hoods carrying pendulums in their hands. They walked about the slowly rumbling top, peering at the ground.

Then Xi Min made his move.

As one we lept off our hiding place and landed softly on the surface of the fortress. Without delay Xi Min removed his own pendulum and started swinging it as well to counteract the detection systems of the guards. White-cloaked figures walked past as with nary a reaction. The two other generic friends went to their designated jobs. I slowly made my way forward, then jumped to the side as the vehicle jerked and a white-cloaked guard nearly crashed into me!

I nearly rolled off the fortress, but saved myself by grasping the sides with both hands. In this position I slid myself slowly towards the hatches, pausing every so now and then when a guard walked too near. I didn't know how far Xi Min's sphere of negation extended. I kept this up for a while, until reached the corner hatch. And there I saw a wonderful sight.

A fellow soldier (a junior I recognized from BB), covered in dirt and cameo cream, dressed in dirty rags climbed out and stood there, looking at me. He gave a smile, said something along the lines of "wooot! Thanks man!" and jumped off into the waiting arms of my comrades below. One prisoner saved. More started pouring out, and I carefully arranged myself to watch the area. The retrieval team had been successful! They had entered the giant prison and broken the cages holding our friends. My only regret was that I didn't play a greater role.

Then something stepped on my hand. I yelled. Looking up, I saw a pendulum-holding guard with one foot planted squaring on my fingers. It turned and looked down, straight at me. Alarm bells started going off in my head. I panicked, tried to swing away and...

The alarm bells grew louder and louder until they turned into the sound of my (actual) phone ringing. So I woke up. Damnit!