Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nemu? (Or: Not a Political Viewpoint)

Politics seems funny sometimes

Its like bureacracy on steroids.

Apparently, if we want to protest, we need to Appeal to get a permit to "riot", and even then only within a certain area. I'm not too sure about how accurate I am, so take it with a pinch of salt. Still, my guess is that it won't be long (hey, we have an Official forum for complaints now!)

Its almost Megatokyo-ish; Zombie Horde invasion next thurs, 'Zillas stomp and destroy areas 13 and 52 of Japan, all Magical Girls are to be liscenced and registered, those found summoning sparkles and pink laser beams without the appropiate permits will have their "love magic" transformative devices confiscated for 24 hours... (possibly less, given the nature of said devices to somehow bust free in an explosive attempt to return to its rightful owner)...etc...etc...etc

So basically you send your "protest application" in, the gov reads it, and assuming he is of the right qualifications, grants it and you have your little march, feel happy with your "display of force" and go back home to post your 561th complaint on the "Feedback" forums.

Issit me, or are we missing something here?

Not just protests...almost everything here has elements of bureacracy innit. Its almost Discworld worthy - where thieves mug you and give a reciept. Except in this case, its probably the other way round. (Its amazing what old ladies carry in their handbags these days. Some of these aunties leave the house only to go shopping, and they only leave once a month. Sacks of Rice tend to hurt alot, if only by the law of F=ma, where m is significantly higher than the mass of your chin)

And after they're done beating up the poor little mugger (the thief, not the students. We IB Muggers don't rob old ladies; they don't carry enough useful textbooks) they could probably send an email to the Security Department asking for permission to organise a "one-man-Civil-defense-Neighbourhood-Cleanup" while requesting a receipt for one unconsious ruffian, whose parents are by then no doubt posting on the forums about the lousy morals and corrupting influence western society is having on today's "open-minded" youths.

I mean really. I might just be a nerd with a computer; but I'm a bored nerd with a computer. God knows what I might do. Perhaps someday I'll get bored enough to start writing political commentries. And when that does, you'll probably find what's left of my soul shivering in a small corner, while the rest of it gets carted, signed and registered/processed past various forms of red tape straight for Heaven/Hell (apparently, its spread to even there these days.)

Still, I wonder what would happen if I try protesting against having to appeal to protest?

Or maybe I'll try walking upside down on the sky. Some part of me seems to think it might be easier.

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