Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Night Out

So I went to Band FOA last night and while it was very, very good (rofl Godzilla zomgwtfbbq) I find the best part of yesterday was not the 2 hours spent in the Audi getting my inner ear ruptured but spending 1.5 hours outside at the astroturf with Levin, Klow and Justin.

Cause Ernest was busy having his time wasted by Yip (according to him), so the four of us decided to go do random "Improv acts" aka Whose's Line random !@#$. Me and Klow were the main actors while Justin and Levin came up with random scenes and the ever-popular inappropriate one-liners.

Or should I say, highly appropriate? Just...not for the pure-hearted xD

Long story short? It was bloody awesome. Really gotta do this kinda thing again. (THE WEREWOLVES ARE COMING)

Then the four of us and Chermaine, Elvira, Jun Siong, Ernest (and one more guy whose name I can't remember. I'm such a horrible person) went to a 24 hour swensens at Holland V where we ordered two earthquakes and ate coffee ice-cream at freakin' 1am.

Then I got home at about 2, slept at about 3, and woke up at 9am to the sounds of my dad printing page after page of reports (side note: the bigger the printer, the more bells and whistles they can fit inside)

Altogether, a brilliantly eccentric and fun Saturday Night Out.

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