Monday, May 7, 2012

Hotel State

Its an rather accurate analogy or model, don't you think? Its a hotel state, and we are the staff. Effectively, they are like guests enjoying the facilities in exchange for money, while the rest of us are the staff. The ones who run the place, but don't actually get to enjoy it. You've got the technicians, the room service, the security guards...(well, technically everyone's required a bit of training as a security guard). Not actually a bad economic model, for earning money and such. Naturally, despite the wealth that flows into the hotel, the staff aren't really paid much. Most of it goes to the management and the owners. Naturally, the staff can't rent the rooms in the hotel itself, nor afford some of the more exclusive facilities despite being the ones who clean them. I suppose the important thing here is not to tell the staff that they are guests, lest they become deluded and forget their place.

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