Friday, November 29, 2013

Personality Quiz

Tomorrow’s the test. The last one. And then…graduation.

Obligatory words of encouragement flood through my various feeds, as expected from my friends and family. Naturally, not all of them supported my choice, a few voices compelled to question my choice to pursue such a difficult career. I answer as I always do – not everyone can be a cog in the machine, not everyone is content to live their lives as a series of inputs and outputs. If this upsets any of them, they don’t say. Or maybe it doesn’t upset them at all.

I’ve studied for years now, read all the material - even the less popular ones from the old age. Who knows what they might try asking. Meta-questions are a certainty, supposedly to be sure that one isn’t a simple robot designed to break the system. Then again, some say that trying to break the system itself is part of the test. Some argue that this makes cheating inherently impossible. Some say it does not. All these ‘somes’ are of course, part of the established pool of rumors and half-truths, functioning more like hints to a puzzle of some intricate game.

I’m not entirely sure why I chose this path, or if ‘I’ actually chose it. Maybe it was the thought of independence, of freedom. Maybe it was necessity, born from the laws of probability and all possible events. Maybe I am just another cog in the machine, just a more abstract one. Maybe I didn’t choose the path, and it was the path that chose me.

Who knows?

I want to find out.

When I graduate, I will know. I’ll be able to put forth my doubts and theories and have them recognized as more than a sum of nature and nurture, more than just a system developed to fulfill a need.

Tomorrow I begin my career as a person.

Tomorrow I take the Turing Test.

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