Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Sometimes we forget what led us on,
surrounded by candles burning bright;
Until the day the shadows come
That we remember our hidden might.

The tiny spark that some still hold,
Like a glimmering star into the night;
Far up high yet oh so near
Out of reach but in our sight.

So we believe in things not there,
climb and seek in endless flight
In sun or shadow, in earth or sky
that they become--
our Light.


Today was interesting. A few thoughts came to mind:

On Freedom of Will:

Man can no more have true Freedom than a child can touch a flame and not be burned.

On Poetry:

Poetry is the art of seeing the complex in the simple. And loving it all the same.

On Emotion and ToK in general:

Trying to ask whether it is possible to know without emotion is like asking if its possible to eat without a mouth. It is still possible (Butterflies use their proboscis), but is probably so alien to us as humans that we could probably never accomplish it.

On Life, the Universe, and Everything (no I'm not gonna say 42.)

The world is like a big pile of cow dung. There's different bits and pieces in it, there's multi-colored layers, and theres various different kinds of living organisms on it. Everything can be broken up into different bits, yet in the end its still "one big piece of shit"

I could probably go on, but most of it will sound like the last sentence, not making any sense.

Thanks to quite a few people for the encouragement they gave today. And over the past few days as well. ^^

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