Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Self-Analysis (Well, sort of)

Not really a self-analysis. More of a random thought.

Those of you who have played Resident Evil: Something games should know about zee Herb System. Basically something involving three leaves: Green, Red and er, Blue I think.

Green basically heals you of HP. 25% or something. Red cures poisons and status problems, while Blue is, Blue.

Thing is, you can mix herbs together to get more effects. The Blue Herb in particular, is useless on its own, but can be mixed with Green to get something like a 75% Heal.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm like this. I know one or two people who might be Blue Herbs. People who, on their own, appear useless or otherwise weak, yet when working in a team, boosts the overall performance immensely.

I like people like that. Part of this is the reason why I'd like it if I was that sort of person. Part of me thinks all this is just bs****.

Not quite sure whether I'm a supporter or a lone wolf. Frankly, I think most humans are somewhere in between. Caught between the desire for independence, and the comfort of friendship. The need to belong and the need for freedom sometimes clash head on-with painful results. Most people usually lean more towards one side or the other, and hence get the differences in behaviour and such (its in reality alot more complex I guess, but this isn't meant to be a sociological essay)

Green leaves...I guess most of us are Green leaves. I'm probably a Green Leaf too. But should I, and do I, want to change my color?

What is my true color anyway?

Blue leaf or Red?

Or Perhaps its always just been Green after all...


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