Sunday, January 27, 2008


Been considering deleting some poems (especially the previous one).

I'm not sure about alot of things right now

Somehow I think Siddhartha influenced me more than I thought it did. Mainly cause the book well...speaks to me? Alot of Siddhartha's thoughts and philosophies I've heard or thought of before.

Perhaps I should just subscribe to one philosophy, and follow it blindly?
Or should I pick and choose what I like?
Is it wrong to pick and choose what I like? Like Religon and Philosophy are some sort of mental buffet?

Meh. Sometimes I really wonder if attention is as cut-out as its meant to be.
I know knowledge isnt.
Wisdom too.

That's of course, assuming I have some level of knowledge and some level of wisdom.

Meh again.

I think I'll just think, emo and pray.

PS: Does anyone know how to make a simple shoutboard in here?

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Raganarok ITA said...

You create a shoutboard by scrawling it in crayon on your monitor and call up your friends for comments.

And i actually had blog once, but it's dead, along with the emo funk in me.

Hey, you could make your own philosophy if you wanted. Don't think about what others think.

Believe in the you that believes in you (no points for guessing where this comes from).