Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can You...?

Can you Hear
the rushing river,
bubbling, gurgling,
flowing out;
lively to meet the sea?

Can you Breathe
The fresh morning air
sweeping, blowing
across the land;
passing through the trees?

Can you Feel
the rough, coarse dirt;
and know the weight it bears:
the lives and fate
of every man,
upon a thousand feet?

Perhaps you can Taste
the bittersweet tears;
of lovers and once-loved;
the tender memories
that they hold
as they part and meet.

Perhaps you can See
the unseen glow
of starlight in the moonlit sky;
reflections shimmering on the waters
softly, as they glisten.

But can you Hear,
the silent voices
crying out each day;
softly, silently; as the World speaks--
Do we listen?

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