Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yes, I'm creating a blog.

This is mostly a storage house for the various thoughts, ideas and poetry i come up with on a daily basis. I will try to update it daily with at least 1 interesting thought or creative text.

Note that i enjoy writing or thinking in parables or comparisons. Stories that appear simplistic might not be so. Try to look at them from a metaphorical point of view. Hope some of my thoughts can inspire some of yours.

Let's start with something:

Ideas are like dandelions;
And the mind is like the soil.
While speech is the gust of wind
which carries the seeds,
to new soil and new places.

Perhaps this blog shall be my "gust of wind" too. Enjoy ^^

PS: I'm not this serious all the time. Some of my posts may be lighthearted. I hope.

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