Sunday, August 31, 2008

Amazing Grace

Of all the songs, of all the things I've heard - this one touches me the most. It rings in my heart, personally. It says so much about my life, in more ways, in more areas than one.

I can't really say much more right now. Retreat was...enlightening. I managed to get some sort of...grasp, if you could call it, on my spiritual stand in the world.

Believe me, I'm a little surprised myself.

I can't call myself atheist. The closest word I would say is agnostic. Yet I find myself drawn more to christianity. Just...not quite the christianity most people are used to.

Is it right, in religion, to pick and choose? Is it correct to say: I like this and this of the Bible, and this bit of the Quran, and this little section from the Sutra?

Does it, in a way, dilute the religion? Does it dilute faith?

Because as far as I'm concerned...there is a higher power. That much I believe in. What, who when and how of this power is too complex for me right now. Sufficient to say that I see myself in a similiar position to Helen Keller - except that when I touched the water, there were three teachers speaking.

Idealist. Romantic? Perhaps. Yet there is a practical edge to all of this as well. The world is a beautiful place, at least for me. It is a great sorrow that not everyone can feel that, either due to being blinded by the light, or enclosed by the dark.

Bring the candles from the light to the dark. And then all will see. For the light is blind, and the dark is ignorant, but the two together shall see the truth.

And the Truth is a wonderous thing indeed.

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