Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Age?

I say this now because if I don't, someone else will say it first
I say this now cause if I don't say it now it will continue to bounce in my skull like it has bounced for the past 2 weeks.
I say this cause I don't want an exploding head.

So here I goes:

In the past we lived in the Age of Religion. Myths, legends, tales of gods and men and monsters. Worship, cults and churchs (some will object to me using the three in one sentence). Belief, for all it was worth, in deties, in a higher power.

Then came the Age of Science.

Facts, experimentation, hardcore data recording. Mathematics found a whole new friend, and the world lapped it up. Religion? Pah! Just a bunch of unproven, superstitious nonsense. Science is the new stuff! Besides, what's the point of having a thunder god if you can't get him to power your shiny new fridge?

For centuaries Religion pursued science, its practionors shunned or killed, burned as heretics or witches or possessed. Later on, it gained respect, yet there were always the great, held high and mighty, and the insane; some of whom became great on their own.

And what have we now? Science is losing its edge.

Horrors I suppose. But this is something I think many would agree with.

Strange as it seems, people are losing their faith in Science.

They ask: Must things be proven to be real? What is the point of proof anyway? And above all, how do you define proof?

We live in a time of soft soil, its foundations and bedrock pulled away for the houses and temples of Religion and Science. And what have we left?

Now, I believe, is the time of definations. Of speech, of stories, of communicating your point rather than proving it entirely. It is, so to speak, the science of the Soul.

We are in the Age of Words.

Just like science had always played a part in religion (or religion a part of science), so has words and language been a part of both. Scientific documents use language to communicate, to define, to argue. Religion used it to teach, to record, to inspire.

But what have we now? People are looking into the words themselves. It is a time where not knowing the word means more than just a language deficiency. It means that even faith can be twisted, and facts been distorted, by careful use and application of the right word, right phrase. People, many people, have taken up the art of wordcraft. And have either become famed or shunned for it.

See a pattern here?

We reach a point where multiple cultures meet. Where knowledge becomes an issue of what he means rather than what he says. Facts can now hold extra meanings, are no longer netural. The internet age, the creation of languages, and above all, the writers.

I cannot claim to be able to discuss this topic to its fulless extent. There are too many ideas, angles and I am but a 16-year-old student. However, this is just my observation, one that I feel others are soon to make.

Perhaps, in the future we might have a society that worships the Word instead.

Age of Words indeed.


PS: I realise the tone of this post is in no way neutral. Treat this as an example as how language permeates everything. Frankly, this was a pure observation and not intended as a major debate or anything. If anyone wishes to discuss this with me, or theres anything in this post that upsets you, feel free to contact me. Else, I would rather get these thoughts out of my head and get on with other things in life. Like EE.

Good day and good night.

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jarrelscy said...

Its a sad day when rhyme triumphs over reason, when thinking is considered treason. And when self references get out of hand.