Wednesday, August 13, 2008

George Tesman

Pay no attention to the title. It has absolutely no literary reference at all. I am not currently emoing about my inability to break free of societal conventions, nor how Ibsen is some sort of mind-reading prophet whose works transcend space-time just to mock me in my sleep. Nope, none of that at all.

So someone tells me I emo too much on my blog. Or rather, I get the impression he was telling me I was emoing too much. Okay, fine. I think I emo too much.

And you know what, I think he is wrong. I mean me is wrong. I is wrong. know what again? Forget it.


I might type emo stuff about myself on the blog, and talk to my friends about emo stuff, but they're not emo stuff! They're not I tell you! NOT!!!

I'm just...reflecting. Yes, that's it. Reflecting. Like you know, in a mirror. With cracks.

Besides, I only post on my blog when I'm sad. Which is why all my posts seem to be emo. Its not as though I post everyd- wait crap I do post every single day.

Erm, you know what? Forget this whole post. The bottom line is: I AM NOT EMO.

Now go away while I get the scissors.

(Not an Emo-tard)

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