Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feeling Better (I think)

Feeling better. Friends are such nice things...

I'm going on a sugar cold-turkey. Please don't wave ice cream or soft drinks in front of me. Rabid clawing might ensue.

Really must thank one particular person for talking. Or two, rather.

Inspirational models are aplenty, but models whom you can talk to personally? Rare.

Perhaps I'm just an analytical bastard, seeking to make "friends" with those in high positions and learn the secrets of their power.

Or maybe I'm just a confused little wanker without any idea who or what he is interfering with.

When you play with the Big Boys, expect to get stomped.

Water Boys and Benchwarmers never shine much, do they?

We, the losers of life
pledge ourselves as one enduring people
regardless of curses, swear-words
or abuse
To work on and on tirelessly
out of love or stupidity
Because we cannot
with the pro-ness
of the
next generation

Apparently I'm still not that much better, am I?

At least I'm happy enough to joke about it though.

I think.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- poem for today. Emoness demmands further attention elsewhere.

Sleep does Math Portfolio and TOK.

Q: What is the role of language in doing Math?
A: To supply all the swear words, Sir!

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