Saturday, May 3, 2008


A single touch some would say
Is all you need to save the day,
to right the wrongs, to blaze the trail
through the snow in heaviest hail;

A single step, a single voice
All we need is make our choice,
to stand up right and make our speech
and force the words we claim to preach
Into the skulls of of the opposed
Until at last I would suppose
By some miracle or hand of God
Our works recieve the world's applaud.

It all made sense, so simple it was;
Just stand up strongly and say your words
No need for reason nor for thought,
Just say your piece and don't get caught.

So I touched the water and watch the skin
surface and ripple towards the rim,
Yet still far off as i watched aside
my ripples were buried; under the tide.


Wrote this very long ago, in response to a blogpost by a friend. Decided not to post it, and it has been lying in my folder since. Strangely appropiate to how I feel right now. Sometimes a poem can say so much more.

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