Friday, May 2, 2008


A friend pointed out to me today that Africa has been suffering from poverty for more than 24 years. And alot more people than just person in the house.

So all I can say is...sorry. For being an idiot. I never really should have ranted like that. Some sort of reaction...sparked off at that time. Perhaps it is the fact that I could identify more with one person than a group. Or maybe its cause of the lack of coverage, like my friend said.

Worrying isn't it? How many more people might have been suffering. All around the world. So many many people.

It makes me feel kinda short-sighted and immature in thought. Like another friend says: Suddenly I feel I'm not thinking enough.

Meh. I'll just go emo somewhere. Or play DnD. Escapism ftw.

Hui Jun, signing off.

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