Thursday, May 1, 2008

24 years

NOTE: Somewhat of a rant.


Just read an article. I think it was yesterday's newspaper, or today's, but that's not the point.

The point is: A father kept his 18-year-old daughter imprisoned for 24 years in his own house without anyone knowing.

And then he raped her.


And had 7 children with her as well.

for 24 years.

The eldest is 19 years-old, and has never seen sunlight. Never.

Somehow...the possibility of such a case actually occuring has never, ever occured to me before. Its just so...shocking, I can barely accept that humanity is capable of such acts.

I used to think all such acts were mostly...made up. Like in books, where the bad guys do all sorts of acts, but the good guys always find out in time.

24 years. Dammit.

I just feel so...sheltered. Like i never really had problems. Or knew the pain of life, or how deprived it can be.

I mean, I can barely get around without my labtop and the internet. Can you imagine not seeing sunlight for 24 years?

Such a case should be impossible. It just doesn't seem possible. Yet, it has happened. Tok would lead me to question the sources and such, but that's not the point. The point is: What if such things were possible? What if it occured again?

What if the life I live is but some sheltered matrix-like bubble?

We can doubt and start looking at the credibility of an article. You know the Drill: "Such a ridiculous claim! Humans can never be capable of this sort of despicable act. Acts as unnatural and unrealistic as these only happen in books, right?"

I don't know about you. This article...really...bothered me. Impacted. Changed. Whatever.

Everything I do, all my poems and stories and ideas and such all seem so...trival now.

Its cases like this that make me want to look at the "ambiguity of good and evil" and spit in disgust. At the so-called beauty of humanity. At the so-called morals and ideals we have.

Its all pointless. So long as things like this can freakin happen; its all pointless.

Perhaps I'm being very naive or biased. But I feel that my reaction is justified. I never felt so disillusioned with people before. Normally I can blame emotions and part of me will rebel against the "negativity" but this...this is so dam...

24 ****ing years.

What else can I say to that?

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