Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The time has come, to count my blessings;
Four in total, no need for guessing:

First, my Friends, of whom without,
I would have none with which to shout
my anger and pain, my sorrow and cries;
My comforts and shelter through all my sighs.

Second, to God, whom maked this world,
the beauty and splendor before me unfurl:
The whispers and music, the silent breeze;
The hidden messages I hear with ease.

Third, my Family, together with whom
I brave my troubles that dare they loom;
Love and support are their blood and bone,
my Sins against them I wish atoned.

Forth, not least, I thank my Books;
the silent ones in their cosy nooks
of my bed, that take me away
to a place of joy, of peace each day.

Four I thank and four I greet,
Four each day, together we meet.
For the gifts be given, so I must return,
Thank you for all you gave me learn;

Thank You.

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