Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Compass can point...

The path lay beaten before the road
by the footsteps of men before me trod,
that the compass of dreams had pointed me so
the path unwalked by all save God.

The Compass of dreams shall point the way;
yet the arrow is fooled by magnets by
Distractions that seek to lead astray
Our hearts and minds from paths we try.

Wisdom is needed, foolishness too
To walk the path no man has done,
The Compass will point us to the way
Shall we follow or shall we run?
A Compass can point us through a rock
Over a mountain, under a stream
Do we still follow, like blinded sheep,
Chasing forever, after our dream?

Sometimes we take the path forked right
in order to walk the path forked left,
Sometimes we need to use our sight
And listen to voices, yet ears are deaf
To good advice, so intent we are
Chasing the arrow, wishing the star;
The foolish man runs without a path
the foolish child just sits and stares
at the marks our dreams do make our lives,
of which without our burdens
become far too much
for us to simply bear.


Wrote this in response to another friend's blog.

I don't know him personally, but his stories and ideas I find are very matured and realistic in thought.

Depressing though.
Realism is all good and all, but sometimes you just need to take a break.

IMO (and his too, I think);
Chase your dreams and don't give up.

Perhaps the foolish child is still in me.
Perhaps its time to let her out.

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