Thursday, February 14, 2008


I met my friend on the street one day,
Full of pride, happy and gay
as he spoke "Oh! how we are great,
we use maids to clean our plate;
Use nerds and geeks to get work done,
Use friends and family to get some fun.
Truely none are as great as me;
Watch as I enjoy prosperity!"

I stood and stared, shaking my head,
saddened and angered by what he said;

To which I roared, in great ardor:
"What is the cook without the farmer?
What is the king without his men,
What is the arm without the hand?
What is the castle without its stone,
What is the body without the bone?

Be warned you people, who peep and pry
and look at others with critical eye,
Think themselves greater than the rest
using others to fill their chest;
Give them respect, for they are due
playing their roles in society's cue.

You need these people,
they're are all you've got;
they need you not."

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