Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warning: Rant at 6am

The more I look at it, the more I think I'm just being an ass to my friends.

I mostly find someone, emo to him for up to 1 hour, then say bye. Its like I treat them like some sort of chair/shoulder/bench that I lean on, empty my sweat, then walk off, leaving them to clean to mess and feeling dirty inside.

This post is more a confession of my actions anyway. That and the fact I think seem to take things too seriously, such that even jokes seem like insults. Very crude insults.

I want to say sorry. I am saying sorry. But the fact is, no one seems to care. No one reads this blog anyway. Aside from Klow. And I'm not sure if he really wants to, or because I'm making him.

Perhaps I'll should just "try" to stop the emo, and no matter what anyone says, try IS the same as do. You can't try without doing. Trying is the act of doing something, abiet with a half-heart sometimes. But if it pleases the masses, then yes, I WILL stop this emo.

Thanks for trying anyway.


Uncle Edna said...

You really blogged at 6am? o_O

Uh, I don't read your blog because you force me to. I like your poems =D

poignant123 said...