Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Climbers

I climbed the mountain quick and fast
and soon I reached the top at last,
Stared across the fields in awe
Stared in shock at what I saw:

Not forests tiny from this height
Nor ants I thought would be so slight
No houses large but now so small;
I saw more mountains, standing tall.
I saw one there; Another! Another!
Each one growing; Higher! Higher!
At that moment my pride did rust
As all my trophies seemed so much dust,
Covering footsteps long past down
Swirling behind when I first left town
To climb the mountain, to conquer all;
Yet now I see a greater wall.

To scale, to climb - what do I see?
Another climber, well ahead of me!
And another, another! Why do I try?
No more! No more. I sit down and sigh;
For even now, as I climb new heights,
Even now, as I share new sights
Forever and ever, I shall look and know
The climbers up high,
braving the snow.

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