Sunday, February 17, 2008


So many differences, so many rifts
So many talents, so many gifts;

The soldier who seeks the thrill of war,
The scholar whom delves in books of lore.
The fighter whom protects us all with might,
The thief who lies in shadowed night.

The quiet artists on evening streets,
The joyous musicians in carefree beats.
The steadfast accountant engaged at home,
The daring adventurer with world to roam.

The king who rules the lands of old,
The slave whom others trade for gold.
The healer whom cares for either side,
Then killer who kills to save his pride.

The smart, the simple, the strong, the weak;
The kind, the cruel, the fierce, the meek.

Yet, no matter whether wild or tame,
We're all still human
Just the same.

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