Monday, March 3, 2008


I looked at them, as still as stone
and watched the masters before us drone,
On and on! Why won't he cease
the hot sun tickled my aching feet

On and on! Endless shouts
of words few boys could understand,
Stand up! Stand still! Oh how we prayed
for God to shade our grassy land.

Perhaps he was busy, the sun blazed on
Left and right the soldiers dropped,
Tired and sweaty, they stumbled back
While their friends stood on as still as tack.


What made them stand? I do not know
Love for friendship or for show?
It was not the commander, not the praise
nor the hours to their name;

What made them stand? A promise they say,
A promise as binding as night and day
That bids the sun, that bids the sea
That brings us order in community.

It is the first and foremost, the most base of truths
The backbone of knights, the trainer of youth
the death of passion, the tempering flame
it guides us on; this metal frame.


Still they stand, nor weary nor faint
Still the audience is forced to wait
What made them stand? These statued saints
Stand on now for standing's sake.

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