Sunday, March 23, 2008


Men shall come and men shall go
Words once written by wiser hands
So what can we do, but to those around
Help them in their troubled lives?

Some may seek to cure all woes
Others the power to rule the lands
Some seek pleasure, freedom unbound
Others the knowledge on which they thrive

So fight it on, through days and age
Ignore the praise and words of pain
As people seek what people wish
But in the realm of tools, there is one goal

The dreams of greatness are but our cage
We seek the rainbows without the rain
Give men a rod and not a fish
And so we work to raise their souls

The fire burns but none shall guess
The wax that feeds the flames along
Shall claim no credit, but to see
The fires burn for them up high

Men have gone far lower for less
For men have goals, both right or wrong
The beauty of others give beauty to me
The peace of community brings us a sigh

There lies regret, pain is our path
Thankless are the people's flame
The people replace the wax each day
To keep the fires burning so

But rather have the fire burn last
than have the candles out in shame
The wax is wax without a say
Until the fires light its soul

We will not walk but carry loads
We will not run but push the cart
Others will soar while down below
We hold the string that pulls the kite

The sight is long across the roads
The aim is one of many parts
These words shall not be kept in flow
For it is nature for us hide

Remember the sweeper, remember the roads
Remember the speaker, remember the phones
Remember the makers, remember the crafts
But never, ever

Remember us last.


Notes: There is a reason for the title.

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