Monday, March 3, 2008

Over Shadows and In the Dark

Maturity of Thought
and of Intelligence,
Artistic Skills and Creativity;
Level of Humor, Level of Interest
Level of Dedication and of Service.

Faith and Trust.
Hope and Love.

Ability to help those in need,
Ability to help self.

Perhaps there are more,
One could go on,


Every home, every shelter,
Every ideal and idea
Every story and song;

Already has a Champion.

I suppose I'll just watch the Champions
run, With their torches ablazing,
And take their timings at the end of the race
So that when the crowd's cheers do cease,
And the fanfares die down soft;

I can just go up to them
With their times and records,
And a cup of water
And just say to them:

"Good Job"

And hopefully,

They might still remember me,
Or take my words to heart.

And perhaps,

They might reply:

"Thank You"

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