Saturday, March 1, 2008

Whispers and Tears

I sit by the window, and watch the sky
Watch the rain as the wind blows by,
Strange thing, Rain, of water and sea
Strange thing, Wind, just air we see

Yet what of Air and what of Water,
That we name then so? I see no bother
To call a cat what a cat is not
To call shield an iron pot
Mere meanings, thats all;
Mere words that fall
from lips unknowing
from tongues a throwing
That is all;

Yet still I feel the cooling Wind
Yet still I hear the gentle Rain,
And call them not what merely seen
But rather, something more;

Whispers of Him who lies above,
Tears that rain when He sees us love
that fall on us each passing day
that carry the words we dare not say;
A voice, a whisper
A tear, a sigh
For the ones still seeking
For the ones still weeping
A tear, a sigh
That is all.

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