Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Sinful Rant

Recently I've been feeling rather emo. And I think I found the problem.

Its also the seven vices, you know? And this time its Envy. Something I thought I beat years ago.

Oh well, old foes always come back, eh?

I'm getting this feeling of incredible self-pity whenever I talk to people better than me. I also feel this sense of resentment because they are better, and I cannot do anything about it.

It makes me feel inferior, and Pride (ahar! Another one!) does not like that.

And hence the cause of my emo, due to me being unable to express it (which usually translates into beating people-gasp! Wrath now!)

I could go on about this, but I kinda tired (Sloth...o_O), and I really cannot bring myself to do any homework. Procrastination is really consuming me. I'm not joking.

I keep aiming for higher targets, because everyone around me aims for higher targets, and yet I'm not quite satisfied with what I get, because everyone else is doing better, and I keep wanting to get more for doing less. (I think this is Greed)

What does that leave us? Lust. Great, one of...those sins. Can't really say much, except that DnD and various other personal interests are distracting me from my primary goals in life. I suppose thats Lust. Lust for personal enjoyment and fun.

Bleh. As weird as this post is, every word is true. I really do feel this way, and its driving me crazy.

This is not helped by the level of maturity of thought most of the people around me exhibit.

I feel like an immature loser. Maybe I am one.

Dam psychoanalysis. This is NOT an attempt at gathering pity. Or maybe it is. Shit. I really don't know my own mind anymore...

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